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Additional cargo insurance

" DAIVILVA BALTIC provides cargo insurance services:

Goods in transit insurance:
This is borne asset protection guarantee. Cargo insurance provides financial damages for the owner of the cargo transported in cargo damage , destruction or loss .

Cargo insurance in case of accident helps you to avoid financial losses , disputes with business partners and customers.

The object of insurance :
Property interests associated with all types of goods , which the policyholder must insure their own or another person , in accordance with commercial principles .

Goods in transit insurance options :

All - risk insurance cover for all possible dangers cargo insurance period and the total accidents .
Pagindinių risk insurance - cargo is insured against claims that occurred due to theft or robbery , natural forces , fire or explosion , vehicle accident , load drop it bekraunant the storehouse falls down when the load is thrown overboard or washed overboard by a storm , when the goods are unloaded temporarily stored and loaded in the port in which it came to the insured hazard.

The insurer will also reimburse the loss if:

complete loss of the cargo unit , except for loss due to damage or loss ( eg , theft, concealment, non-issuance or improper issuance)
completely lost the cargo unit for damage caused by an accident during loading or unloading the vehicle and common accidents.

You can create one-off or annual cargo insurance contract :

   Of a single cargo insurance contract is recommended that the cargo transported by infrequent.

    Annual cargo insurance agreement is recommended to companies that are engaged in a constant freight, manufacturing, marketing. Under this agreement the goods are insured from / to any place of dispatch / receipt locations any transport, including handling, loading and intermediate storage during the entire period of insurance . Policyholder 's request , the insurer may issue the certificate of insurance for an individual shipment. Yearly contract is cheaper to administer . You do not need every insurance company to report on the transport of goods .

Period of Insurance :

Insurance coverage is effective from the moment the goods are covered by the insurance contract outgoing movements of the shipment from the place where they had been kept , and shall expire as soon as the goods are delivered and unloaded at the destination specified in the insurance contract , including interim storage.

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